Add Your Booking Calendar to Your iPhone

Many Zapla customers like to have to have their booking calendar constantly available. Luckily — using the iCalendar integration in Zapla — you can keep your iPhone or iPad calendar up-to-date at any time. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your Zapla account on your iOS device and navigate to the iCalendar integration. Generate a link and copy it by selecting the full link in the text field. Make sure you copy the entire link.

How to setup Zapla on your iPhone

2. Press the Home button, tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account, and finally Other.

Add new account on iOS account

3. Add a new calendar subscription by tapping Add Subscribed Calendar.

From Other, select Add Subscribed Calenar

4. Paste in the link by tapping and holding until the contextual menu appears and then tap Paste.

Paste in iCal URL

5. iOS may tell you that you need to enter a username and password for the calendar to work, but this doesn’t apply for Zapla. Just press Save if it asks for it.

Save iCal subscription

6. Change the description text to Zapla (or something else) and tap Done.

The iCal subscription settings are done

7. Your Zapla calendar is now set up on your iPhone or iPad and your bookings will automatically appear in your iOS Calendar app.

If you have any questions or need help you’re always welcome to contact us on We’ll reply within 24 hours, and remember, we’ll also help insert the booking widget for you!

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