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Update on GDPR compliance

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. We can assure you that as of today, May 17, 2018, all Zapla services are in full compliance with GDPR.

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Design Your own Booking System using Custom CSS

The Zapla booking widget can be styled with custom CSS

A long-standing feature request amongst many of our users have been a possibility to be able to further refine the design of their Zapla booking widget on website. We’ve listened and today we present to you our new custom CSS feature!

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Add Your Booking Calendar to Your iPhone

Many Zapla customers like to have to have their booking calendar constantly available. Luckily — using the iCalendar integration in Zapla — you can keep your iPhone or iPad calendar up-to-date at any time. Here’s how:

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Customize Your Email and SMS Customer Notifications

Customize your Email and SMS Customer Notifications

Often, it’s a great idea to greet your customers with a personal message after they’ve placed their booking. That’s why we’ve just launched an email and SMS text template editor for Zapla. Now you can customize any customer notification with your very own message.

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Too Busy? Take a Break!

Zapla adds transitions between appointments

Whether you’re a therapist or renting out bicycles, it’s often important to have time to take a break and prepare for the next session. That’s why we’ve added a new transition feature to Zapla to help streamline the work-flow of your business.

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Collect Customer Payments with Stripe

Collect Customer Payments with Stripe

Today we’re launching an exciting and much requested new feature in Zapla! It’s now possible to accept payments directly from within the booking widget, helping you get paid. Your customers can pay using VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

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Review Your Bookings Before Accepting Them

Review your bookings before accepting them

It’s now possible to review your incoming bookings prior to accepting or declining them. This gives you a chance to see if the booking fits your personal schedule or to gather additional information from your customer.

When logged in to the Dashboard, open a service and you’ll be able to enable booking confirmations.

There’s one more thing! We’ve had quite some feature requests for saving bookings as a draft without outgoing customer e-mails and SMS texts being sent, so we’ve added this feature as well.

Are Your Customers Forgetting to Show Up to Their Appointments?

We all know it. A customer has booked an appointment, but hasn’t showed up. You try calling, but they won’t answer the call or they’ve just forgotten about their appointment at your business.

Zapla automatically sends SMS text reminders to your customers

Customer no-shows costs you both money and time, and that’s why the Zapla booking system automatically automatically sends both email and SMS text receipts and reminders. When a customer has completed a booking, a receipt is immediately sent to both your customer and you, letting both parts know the booking has succeeded.

Booking system with automatic e-mail reminders

Exactly 24 hours prior to the appointment, your customer will receive an email and SMS text to remind them of their appointment. The email also contains a Google Map with a link to the location of your business, making it easy for your customers to find directions to your business.

Email and SMS text reminders unfortunately can’t eliminate the problem completely, but it will dramatically reduce customer no-shows.

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