Zapla is built in the lovely city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our mission is to build the best booking system for websites.

Our Story

Zapla was founded in 2014 because of the frustrating experience when trying to book services online. Most booking systems aren’t designed for a good mobile user experience, and many even require user registration, and who wants to register an account for a service you’re perhaps only going to use once?

We thought this could be done better, so we set out to create a simple and easy-to-use booking system. Having a background in web agency work, we knew it had to be really simple to set up as well. What we came up with was a complete booking widget which could be installed with one line of code on any website. The booking widget would automatically adapt to the existing website design, making it feel like an integrated part of the website.

It’s our ambition to make a great looking, easy-to-use booking system available to anyone, anywhere.


Chiel Robben

Chiel Robben

Chiel Robben founded Zapla in late 2014. He’s worked with web development since 2009, and has previously worked as both freelancer and later as a front-end developer at a successful danish SaaS startup. He also runs his own web agency 51st.