Accept bookings on your website and grow your business! Integrates beautifully with your existing website.

Booking on your website

Accept bookings on your website and grow your business! Integrates beautifully with your existing website.

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Easily manage your appointments online using Zapla

Easily Manage Your Schedule

Log in from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and manage your customer appointments. Have a tablet stand on your shop’s counter and you’re good to go!

Adapts to Your Website Design

Simply insert the Zapla booking widget on your site and it automatically adapts to the look and feel of your website. Your customers will stay on your website where you’ve earned their trust. No coding is required, simply copy and paste one line of code into your website and it just works!

The Zapla booking widget automatically adapts to your website design

Features That Work For You

Registration Free

You won’t deter potential customers by requiring them to register prior to booking an appointment.

Fix your No-Show Problem

Zapla automatically sends reminder emails and SMS texts to your customer so that they won’t forget to show up!

Optimized for Conversion

The booking widget has been refined to provide the ultimate experience and increase the number of customers in your business.


Or anything-ready, really. The Zapla booking widget works equally well on any device and any screen size.

Setup takes Seconds

Only one line of code is required to accept bookings on your website! Using WordPress? Install our plugin for one-click integration!

Always Available

Your schedule is always available online. Plan your next day from home and spend more time with your family and friends.

Grow Your Business

Learn more about how Zapla can help grow your business.

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“We’ve really enjoyed using Zapla for our studio bookings. It’s been incredible and exactly what I always wanted to see in terms of fluidity and simplicity.”

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